Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A Video clip that caught my attention

the title is is it Better to walk or Run in the rain
This video is about physics whether if u will get wetter if u run or if u standstill by physics
very interesting and this video is what i want to share with u
-actually standing still in the rain will not get as wet as when u are running
-interesting how u can figure this out with physics
-different motions suit different situations

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

a video clip that caught my attention

Brown eyes and blue eyes Racism experiment (Children Session) - 

Jane Elliott

Above is the title for the video I am showing u today
The video is about racism and what are the effects of racism and about fairness.How a group of children who were very close,arguing and becoming mean to each other.
-I learnt not to be racist cos it does not feel good if u are different from most ppl
-how a mindset can change a person
-how we should not discriminate others just because they are different
this is extra by the way doing this for fun.

Places I like to go

View places i like to go in a larger map
I like to go to safra as there is a ball house that i can play with my friends with the last time we went we played catching.It was so fun.The other places such as queens town which is one of my favourite place i like to go there as my cousins live there and i can play with them during the holidays,another three places I like to go is jem,Jcube and IMM.I like those three places cause it is very convenient for me to go there and buy stuff i need and of course to eat yummy food.The last place i am gonna share is fuhua i like to go to fuhua for celebration as that was my primary school and i can reunite with my old classmates and teachers there.I may post more next time 

Monday, 30 December 2013

About me

My name is Nigel well my nickname as I call myself Nigel tan tan ramen,the picture below is written by my friends as my teacher did a project as gift to ask everyone to write encouraging words about everyone.I may be quiet or sometimes loud some of my teachers and friends in primary school call me random.My hobbies are I don't really have one maybe uh daydreaming. There are some sports I enjoy doing like well anything with a ball or running and team games. U guys should watch out for my erratic behavior and my randomness I guess. I tend to get rash easily but I forget things easily too. My favorite food is ramen as u can tell from the name,Nigel tan tan ramen. I enjoy talking to people especially about embarassing or funny times Probbrably about my friends or me I am quite blur so ya and clumsy at times too like knocking over many objects. I also like to try new things and I like adventures and as my friends and family always say quite.Gullible, I will edit this and add pictures.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

My SST Journey begins here

I think SST ppl was quite friendly and they organised games for us to mingle with other friends. It was lots of fun. First, we played a game of musical chairs they took out seats that ppl sat on to minimize the amount of ppl that can survive. I was almost out of the game  as the two seats in front of me were taken away and the two girls sitting there were out of the game very lucky for me. Next, was volleyball my team was the last one to sit down as the requirements of sitting down we're that we had to keep the ball in the air and hit it 8 times but they allow the ball to bounce on the floor one time. In the midst, of acheiving the high score we hit other ppl butts by accident. Of course there were lots of laughter when we hit their butts. After a long time we managed to achieved our goal. The next game was about silence we had to mantain and sat on our chair as the SST pupils had to paster number on us and we we're suppose to tell each number which number we are without talking and seat on the chair that had our number matching it. Of course there were some jumps over number but was still quite impressive. After the game the SST pupils gave us forms about the first three days and gave us information how life is like at SST. We are going for a 3 day camp and I heard the second day would be for high elements I am sure it will be lots of fun!!!!!!!