Monday, 30 December 2013

About me

My name is Nigel well my nickname as I call myself Nigel tan tan ramen,the picture below is written by my friends as my teacher did a project as gift to ask everyone to write encouraging words about everyone.I may be quiet or sometimes loud some of my teachers and friends in primary school call me random.My hobbies are I don't really have one maybe uh daydreaming. There are some sports I enjoy doing like well anything with a ball or running and team games. U guys should watch out for my erratic behavior and my randomness I guess. I tend to get rash easily but I forget things easily too. My favorite food is ramen as u can tell from the name,Nigel tan tan ramen. I enjoy talking to people especially about embarassing or funny times Probbrably about my friends or me I am quite blur so ya and clumsy at times too like knocking over many objects. I also like to try new things and I like adventures and as my friends and family always say quite.Gullible, I will edit this and add pictures.

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