Saturday, 28 December 2013

My SST Journey begins here

I think SST ppl was quite friendly and they organised games for us to mingle with other friends. It was lots of fun. First, we played a game of musical chairs they took out seats that ppl sat on to minimize the amount of ppl that can survive. I was almost out of the game  as the two seats in front of me were taken away and the two girls sitting there were out of the game very lucky for me. Next, was volleyball my team was the last one to sit down as the requirements of sitting down we're that we had to keep the ball in the air and hit it 8 times but they allow the ball to bounce on the floor one time. In the midst, of acheiving the high score we hit other ppl butts by accident. Of course there were lots of laughter when we hit their butts. After a long time we managed to achieved our goal. The next game was about silence we had to mantain and sat on our chair as the SST pupils had to paster number on us and we we're suppose to tell each number which number we are without talking and seat on the chair that had our number matching it. Of course there were some jumps over number but was still quite impressive. After the game the SST pupils gave us forms about the first three days and gave us information how life is like at SST. We are going for a 3 day camp and I heard the second day would be for high elements I am sure it will be lots of fun!!!!!!!

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